U.S. and Canadian meat processors share a passion for feeding the world their best, safest and most affordable protein products. Meatingplace is where they come together to learn how to face the challenges of changing consumer demand, regulations, technology, and food safety. They seek out market opportunities and learn from one another. How they manage it all, is the difference between success and failure. Meatingplace editors have their backs. A diet of relevant and accurate news, insights behind key trends; and new technology keeps them ahead of the curve. We don’t just report on the industry, we’re part of it.

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Connect your brand with meat and poultry processors in Meatingplace. With a significantly larger audience of magazine subscribers, unique browsers and page views, your message has every opportunity to reach a highly engaged market.

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Connect with meat processors wherever they are – in print, online, live events, webinars, social media and e-newsletters. Meatingplace content fits the medium, engaging readers.

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Want proof your advertising is working for you? Meatingplace offers the most complete audience documentation in the industry. You know who requests information, visits your website or watches your video.

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