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Follow the Market to Latin America
CarneTec Reaches a $147 Billion Market for Meat and Poultry

CarneTec provides access to a meat and poultry market that’s ripe with opportunity. Processors there produce 30% of the world’s beef and 24% of the world’s poultry.

CarneTec helps Latin American processors get ahead with:

Technical know-how

CarneTec fills an essential void in Latin America by providing the technical know-how to increase yield; save money and manpower; fulfill quality guidelines and maximize production.

Industry news

Meat processing news helps processors stay one step ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

Multiple delivery options for a diverse and mobile audience

CarneTec give subscribers the information they need in the format and language they want it. In Brazil, CarneTec content is delivered in Portuguese, while the rest of Latin America receives it in Spanish. Through magazines, websites, and e-newsletters, critical information is made accessible 24/7 for an audience on the go.

One media partner is all you need in Latin America